Bullet For My Valentine

Five albums in and long established as one of the biggest British metal acts in music history, Bullet For My Valentine have been busy rewriting their own future.

Returning with new opus Gravity, the Welsh quartet have stretched their creative wings like never before, delicately balancing film-score electronica and icy synths in their trademark hellfire of hard rock. Yet, in many ways, its 11 tracks are the mark of a band at their most focused and refined. New offerings such as Letting You Go, The Very Last Time, Under Again and Coma are among those that are guaranteed to mess with heads – marking a departure from the metalcore scene they were instrumental in popularising. It’s arguably the bravest move of their career to date, their ultimate act of defiance.

With a new album, a new line-up and a new sound, it’s shaping up to be the biggest year of their career.