Palaye Royale

Rightfully christened as both “The Hottest Band of 2018” and simply “the” group of the year by English music press, Canadian fashion-rock trio Palaye Royale are a shot of adrenaline into the modern musical landscape.

Drawing as much inspiration from cinema and philosophy as they do from their musical muses, building a story with libertine reverence for Alan Watts and debauchery-fueled nights at the Chateau Marmont, for Johnny Thunders and The Stooges.

Evan as 2016’s Boom Boom room (Side A0 and 2018’s Boom Boom Room (Side B) document the story so far, Palaye Royale remain focused on the bigger picture.

They’ve built something grander than a band. It’s an artistic movement. Ever self-assured in their ambition and staunch in their support of individuality, they are, as they say “outfitting the revolution”.