Boston Manor

From the title track of ‘Welcome To The Neighbourhood’, Boston Manor’s second full-length, it’s clear that the Blackpool-based five-piece have evolved. building on the sound of 2016’s debut full-length, ‘Be Nothing’, as well as ‘Saudade’, their EP from the previous year, to develop into who they are in 2018.

Despite the new sounds that infiltrate this record – recorded by Mike Sapone (Taking Back Sunday, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Envy On The Coast) – Boston Manor are as ferocious as ever. They may be embracing new elements in their sound but the savage hooks of ‘Flower In Your Dustbin’ or the vicious vitriol of ‘Hate You’ leave no doubts about who has made this record.

‘Welcome To The Neighbourhood’ is as emotionally charged and meaningful as ever coming with it a hope that by addressing the issues it does, it can have a positive impact on the future.