Ticket FAQ

How much do Tickets cost?
$178 includes all fees and charges except delivery choices

Will there be any additional charges when i purchase tickets?
No, except delivery options you can choose (including GST)
Mail – 8.95 per order; SMS – 1.00 per ticket; Phone 1.00 per ticket

What time is my Pre-sale?
Wednesday 29 August 9am
Closes at 9pm unless allocation is exhausted

Can I buy Pre-sale Tickets at an outlet?
No, tickets will only be available via your dedicated link. The link to access the Pre Sale will be emailed to you at 9am on WED 29thAugust if you are a DAL Member or have pre-registered on the event website.

What happens if I did not get my Presale email?
Firstly, check your junk and any old email accounts you might have signed up with.
If no luck there, please email info@oztix.com.au the morning of your Pre Sale and we will issue you with a link.

What is the maximum amount of Pre-Sale ticket I can purchase
Maximum amount of tickets than can be purchased at any one time is 8 at Members pre-sale

I’m going to more than one city, can I purchase up to 8 tickets per show in the Presale?

How can I pay for my Pre-Sale Tickets?
Mastercard, Visa Card Only 

I live overseas…How do I purchase Tickets?
Unfortunately we do not send out any tickets via international mail. Instead, your ticket/s will be delivered via email to you. The attachment will be your ticket/s, please print the attachment and ensure you bring to the event to gain entry.

I am under 18 years of age, can I attend?
Patrons under the age of 18 will no longer be able to attend the Sydney event. All Under 18 ticket holders will be contacted by Oztix for a full refund.

I’ve “reserved tickets” but do not have my confirmation and I’m freaking out!
Due to the expected demand from people wanting to purchase tickets, Oztix may need to implement a queuing system to ensure customers have a smooth purchasing process. Once your order has been successfully processed you will receive an order receipt from Oztix via email. It may take up to 6 hours to receive your e-mail confirmation, however most people will receive it within a few minutes. If after 6 hrs you have not received an order receipt from Oztix please email info@oztix.com.au with your name and email address and they can look into it for you.

What happens if there is a problem with payment, will I lose my reservation?
Yes. Make sure you have a valid card (check the expiry date) and make sure you have enough credit on your card. 

Will there be tickets available when the General Public sale commences on August 30th?

When is the General Public Sale
Thursday 30thAugust 9am

Where can I buy tickets in person once the General Public Sale starts
Online sales only sorry

What is the maximum amount of tickets i can purchase from General Public Sale
Maximum amount of tickets than can be purchased at any one time is 8 

When will I receive my tickets?
Barcode PDF e-ticketYou will be sent an email containing a PDF attachment with a barcode e-ticket for each ticket you have purchased. YOU WILL NEED TO PRINT IT OUT.
Mail Ticket: Please allow 14 days. Use you auspost tracking no. that will be emailed to you when the order ships from oztix

Why must I provide an e-mail address?
This is so we can e-mail your tickets to you or contact you in case of an issue.

What if I don’t have an e-mail address?
You will need to provide the e-mail address of someone you know and trust so we can send your tickets to them.

I don’t want to create an Oztix account.
The only way to buy tickets is by creating an account. If you still don’t want an Oztix account after you have received your PDF ticket, you can e-mail Oztix on info@oztix.com.au and we can delete the account for you.

Any questions?
Contact Oztix direct with any questions on 1300 762 545 or info@oztix.com.au